Why Strength Training Matters

Why Strength Training MattersWhen you think about strength training, you might have images of body builders and really buff people grunting as they thrust bars twice your size over their heads. While that does happen (not in our gym!), that isn’t at all what strength training really is. In fact, strength training can be modified to fit any fitness level. It also can do much more for your body than help you lose weight, which is one reason why we love incorporating strength training into our circuit workouts. Here are some of the top benefits of strength training:

Strength training can eliminate your excess weight for good.

Strength training, especially the kind we do at our fitness center, is the ideal workout for shedding excess weight. However, it can help you keep your weight off, too! A study showed that women who followed a weight-training routine three times each week saw an increase in a number of calories their bodies burned during normal, daily activity. This makes it much easier to maintain your current weight.

Strength training will protect your bone health and your muscle mass.

Once puberty is complete, regardless of your sex, you will lose about one percent of your bone and muscle strength each year. However, if you want to stop this process, prevent it, and possibly even reverse it, it’s time to add strength training to your workout!

Strength training will make you stronger.

This seems kind of obvious, but it’s important to mention! This type of training is also referred to as “resistance training” because it involves both toning and strengthening your muscles by making them act against a resisting force. Here are the two types of resistance training:
Isometric: This type involves contracting your muscles against an object that is stationary, like pushing against the floor while doing a pushup.
Isotonic: This type means you contract your muscles through a range of motion, like when you lift weights in a bicep curl.
Both of these types increase your strength and will make you more in shape overall. However, muscle training means that your body needs time to recover, so alternate your days!

Strength training can help your body work better together.

Your nicely toned muscles are a great benefit, but what about the lesser known benefits of strength training? You might find that your coordination and your balance improve dramatically, as well as your posture! And, if you struggle with poor flexibility and coordination, strength training can reduce the risk of falling by up to 40 percent. This is particularly important as you age.

Strength training can help you fight disease.

While this doesn’t mean that you can fight the common cold with some weights, it does mean that you will be less likely to develop diseases as you age, such as arthritis. Even those with arthritis can find relief when they incorporate strength training into their workout routine. Also, strength training can help postmenopausal women reduce their risk of fractures and increase their bone density! Type 2 diabetes can even be combatted with the glucose control benefits of strength training.

Strength training can boost your mood and improve your energy levels.

Did you know that your body releases endorphins when you work out? These are natural opiates produced by the brain that make you feel happy. Strength training has also been known to be a great antidepressant that can both help you sleep better and improve your overall quality of life. In other words, you’ll feel incredible after a good strength training workout!

Strength training burns more calories than cardio alone.

While you will certainly burn calories during your workout, your body will continue to burn calories long after the workout ends. In fact, your body continues to work at a heightened state for up to 48 hours after your strength training ends. It can make your metabolism work 15 percent faster, which can really help you as you work towards losing weight and toning your body.

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